Boston Animation provides a trained and talented production staff with state-of-the-art expertise in:

   Game programming
   Writing and game design
   Music and sound effects production
   Key frame and motion capture animation
   3D and traditional 2D graphics and animation

Our programmers have extensive knowledge of leading software tools and techniques. We develop games for PC, Macintosh, SONY Playstation 1 and 2 and Nintendo Game Cube.

Scriptwriting, music, SFX, lyrics and voice-acting are provided as part of our package. And, of course, localization services.

Boston Animation has an-in-house digital studio that produces all of our music and sound effects. As AFTRA signatories we employ top voice talent from Boston and New York. On staff is an award-winning game designer, lyricist and screenwriter who has worked on more than 20 games.

All our 3D artists are trained animators or architects. Most of our texture painters have advanced degrees in the fine arts with backgrounds in oil painting and art restoration. We also employ cutting edge animators, graphic artists and comic book illustrators.

2D and 3D artists are expert in Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Fractal Painter, Deep Paint and Lightscape. Our studio houses over 130 recent vintage computers networked together to provide a powerful rendering suite. We also own and operate an Ascension Motion Capture system with the Kaydara Filmbox software.

Our 3D modelers and animators can create gorgeous cinematic 3D movies for your existing game, film, ad or video project, or entire 3D games and worlds. 3D art is created pre-rendered or for real-time game engines.

boston animation, Inc.