Don’t call her cute. Stunning, maybe. As in “able to stun a raging Grunk.” A real knockout, perhaps. You might even get away with drop dead gorgeous. But, please, don’t call her cute.

She’s Skye of Lynlora and she’s here to kick the forces of Darkness back to the Bone Age. Or at least really tick them off. Fortunately, Skye is not alone. She’s got Gannish, “the obligatory wise-old-knows-everything character”; Draak, the little gargoyle who proves the mouth is mightier than the sword; handsome, enigmatic Dorian; and a captivating cast of ragtag rebels to help her out.

Oh, and did we mention Magic? That too. So call her charming. Call her enchanting. But please, please, please...don’t call her cute.

Darkened Skye - a 3D action/adventure game with an epic story-line, hilarious dialogue and gorgeous fantasy artwork. “One of those rare computer games that is laugh-out-loud funny.” - Gamespot

boston animation, Inc.