Walkthrough - Darkened Skye

(Warning: The following contains not just hints but outright solutions to most of the game's puzzles. For gentler hints, use Skye's Journal in the game.)

Lynlora, First Visit

1. You start in a forest clearing with a strange orange item in your inventory. Look around the clearing. Take the yellowish item you find there. It's a Rune Mine which you can use to defeat enemies (not necessary, but helpful, especially when attacked by a group of enemies). Press Q to use inventory items.

2. Proceed onto the path and meet Draak the gargoyle, your new sidekick.

3. Defeat the one-eyed Grunks by using the attack key (R mouse). They're pretty easy to defeat. Gray-colored Grunks are more powerful. After your first battle, Draak will tell you to go to the village and speak to an old woman named Gannish.

4. Pick up red plants along the way for health. These add immediately to your health. Red vials are stored in inventory and can be used at any time.

5. Defeat any Manta-krynn (houseflies with attitude) you encounter. It's easy if you use your combo attack (hold A and D buttons, while using R mouse).

6. Go right at all the forks. Skye runs faster if you press F to store her staff.

7. Jump up (spacebar) on a tree stump with a gray object floating over it. It's is a Rumble Stone. If you want to learn a little more about inventory items, press F8 to open the inventory or open it from the Main Menu. Right click over any item you want to learn about.

8. Skye's Journal can also be accessed from the Main Menu. In it are Quests, Quotes and Notes. They're fun to read and they contain gentle hints.

9. You'll come to a hollow log. Note it for a later level.

10. Backtrack on this path and then go right again at the next intersection.

11. As you near the village you'll probably encounter a group of Grunks, one of which has a key icon floating over him. Defeat these guys and get the key.

12. You'll approach a green hill that leads to the village. Save game here (F2 for quick-save or go to the Save option in the Main Menu. F4 restores a quick-save).

13. Enter the village. You will be attacked immediately by an archer in a tree. Now, or later, try to safely jump (space bar) up the steps to the tree-home. (If it's too dangerous for your tastes, you don't have to do it yet.)

14. Use the door. Skye will knock and a voice inside will say, "Only them what's got the password enter here."

15. Run behind the tree from which the archer is shooting and then behind the tree stump with the catapult on it. You're safe back here.

16. Go to the right at an embankment just beyond the catapult (you'll see a red plant floating high in the air; keep it on your left side). Go straight ahead. Don't fall off the right side.

17. Enter the marketplace. You'll see some merchants' carts and stands. Use (E key) the one with the creatures on it. Eeb, the creature merchant, will talk to you. Use him again until he tells you that he deals in wild and exotic creatures and will trade with you if you have one.

18. Use the cart with the food on it and meet another NPC who gives you info about a cave where some rebels are known to hide out. They've written their password there, you learn.

19. Go back to the village and run behind the catapult and the tree again (keeping them on your left now). Now go right and proceed along a ledge (cliff-face on your right). Be careful getting across the ledge area. Quick-save first.

20. You'll find yourself in an open area with rocky buttes of various heights. Jump onto the buttes in rising order until you can access the cave. Quick-save at a few points during your jumping, if you're having trouble.

21. Skye cannot see in the dark cave and refuses to enter.

22. Return to the village entrance and go back onto the wooded trails you started on. Go right as you leave the village. You'll come first to a "rip in reality" which Draak explains to you as Necroth's port-of-entry into your world.

23. Directly after the "rip," you'll see a tree on the left side of the path. Greenish gas and weird noises are coming from it. Use it.

24. Skye will look in the tree and find a weird creature with strange markings, which Draak dubs the "Red-Breasted Northern Butt-Smiler."

25. Go back to the marketplace and give the creature to Eeb. He will trade you a glowing lampfish.

26. Go back to the cave. Use the lampfish, which functions as a light. Now you can see in the cave.

27. Use the door in the cave and get a hint about a later puzzle, which you can't do yet.

28. Use the rock pile. Skye will try to move it, but can't.

29. Use the Rumble Stone on the rock pile. It will explode, knocking down the rocks. Written on the wall behind the rocks (in BACKWARDS writing - oh no!) is the password to Gannish's house, which Skye automatically remembers.

30. Get the piece of rock floating in the air.

31. Return to the catapult. You'll find that it's locked.

32. Use the key you got from the Grunk, if you have it (if not, go find that Grunk), and unlock the catapult.

33. Aim the catapult by moving Skye against its front beam. It will pivot in place. Aim it at the archer in the tree.

34. Use the piece of rock on the catapult. The catapult will fire the rock at the archer. If you miss, keep repeating these two steps (ammo is infinite) until you hit the archer.

35. When the archer is killed, pick up the note he dropped for some story info.

36. Now go back to Gannish's place. Use the door again. Skye will say the password.

37. There is a long cinematic scene in which Skye and Gannish become acquainted and in which Gannish more fully explains your quest, which includes traveling to four new lands. She gives you a red SKITTLES, so now you have 2 SKITTLES in your Magic Interface. She tells you that SKITTLES are the source of all magic and that you can now make magic.

38. Open the Magic Interface. Place the two SKITTLES in the appropriate dimples beneath the True Sight spell. The True Sight icon highlights. You have now created your first magic spell.

39. Cast the spell (left click). You'll see an eye-like special effect, telling you that True Sight is now in force. Skye can now read the mysterious writing on two rock posts at the village entrance. This is story info.

40. The Sacred Circle will be also revealed, near the village entrance.

41. Step onto the Sacred Circle while True Sight is in effect.

42. Dorian appears (he's the love interest and a running character). After his scene you are taken immediately to Ogmire.

Ogmire Archipelago

1. You are not in Lynlora anymore. You find yourself on a rocky island surrounded by water. Explore a bit and find a stone button hidden on a rock. Use it. This opens the cave door.

2. In the cave, by a fire, sits Veng, the old hermit. He speaks in riddle-talk and tells you about the land of Ogmire and someone called Merlin (you need to talk to Veng more than once). Veng gives you his own glyph-neckpiece, which will be used later to solve a stone glyph puzzle. He opens the back exit of his cave, which gets you rolling toward your goal.

3. Find another button that raises up chain of stepping stones to a small rocky area in the water. Meet the first Fish Rider there (they help by giving hints and tips, which Draak translates). Push the button to raise more stones.

4. Near here you'll meet your first wyrmdrake. Whack him with your staff (combo move helps). He'll circle and wait for you to move before attacking you again. Get rid of him as soon as you can.

5. Jump across the new stepping stones to the next island. But remember - you're a warrior-hero-adventurer-goddess who can't swim.

6. You'll meet two new enemies on and around this island - Tentaclaws that hide in the water and spring out at you, and Carpies, little bird/fish creatures that run fast. You're better off avoiding the Tentaclaws for now, though they can be beaten with the staff. Combo attack helps with the carpies.

7. If you cast True Sight you will be able to see special glyphs hovering over some of the small islands off the coast. These are the Fish Riders' "clan stones." Anywhere you see a clan stone, you know you'll meet a Fish Rider. You'll get hints about a SKITTLES or two off the coast and about what spongites are and how to use them, etc.

8. Collect spongites. These are brownish mollusks you find on the ground. You can hold up to four at a time. They regenerate after a while.

9. Spongites expand when thrown in water and can serve as stepping stones. Spongites are an important part of getting around in all three Ogmire levels.

10. Using spongites, go to the small island with the yellow SKITTLES. Get it. You can now cast Strength Sap. Then climb up and jump into the Whale-Creature's mouth when it opens. Now you have a green SKITTLES too.

11. You can now make your first combat spell, Prismatic Pulse. Use it to shoot at a button you see in a location too high to otherwise reach. This raises a new set of stepping stones to the next main island.

12. But first you might want to go back to the previous main island and use Prismatic Pulse to defeat some Tentaclaws and get a few Life Potions.

13. On main island #3 do your usual fighting, button-pushing and finding spongites, but you must also find an Odd Message hidden beyond a cave. The Odd Message will help you get across the stepping stones that lead to the next island. (Secret messages on rocks can be read by first casting True Sight.)

14. When you raise a large number of rocks in one location, you'll notice that they form three separate paths. Study the Odd Message in the inventory screen and note the 6 upper-case letters. These give you the key to the safely negotiating the six crossings to the next island. L=left path, M=middle path, R=right path.

15. Fish Riders offer hints along the way.

16. The goals on the next main island (#4) are to find the Pit of Terror and defeat the mass of Tentaclaws that wait within. The pit is at the top of the island.

17. Once you drop into the pit, find a button to push. It will help you get to the next island (along with spongites).

18. On main island #5, you'll need Veng's glyph pendant. Press the stone buttons with the glyphs on them (first you'll have to find them all) in the order shown on the pendant. This will open a new cave entrance.

19. This cave leads to the top of the island, where the tower is. You'll meet the Mysterious Enemy and Merlin here. Merlin has much to tell you. He gives you your overall game goal: retrieve the 5 ancient Prisms that were once used to craft the Great Rainbow. There's one hidden in each of the Five Lands. When the Rainbow is ultimately restored via the 5 Prisms, SKITTLES will fall again and magic will once again be in the hands of common people. He directs you to a sunken city where the first Prism can be found, but first you must pass through Tikniki country.

Tikniki Swamp

1. Talk to the Tikniki charactern, Neenu, whom you meet in the first area.

2. Jump across the series of lily pads near her. The best way to cross lily pads to is not to stop and start, but to keep running and time your jumps as you run.

3. In the area after the lily pads you'll meet two male Tikniki. One of them gives you a hint - "to find your way through the forest you must strip away all illusions."

4. Explore the forest, using True Sight at places where you see a green shimmering effect in the air. This will allow you to see hidden paths.

5. Using the markers on the ground to keep track of where you are, find a clearing that hosts a large tree-dragon creature, Orlena - the "heart of the forest." She is one bummed-out tree-dragon. Music might be the only thing that can cheer her up.

6. You need to find 1) an empty seashell with holes in it and 2) 3 musical bugs. The seashell and one of the bugs can be found in the swamp area with all the boardwalks and lily pads. The other two bugs can be found in clearings in the forest.

7. Give the "music box" you have now created to Orlena. She cheers up, heads off to fight evil and leaves behind two SKITTLES.

8. The whole swamp now has an attitude adjustment; the Tikniki are more cheerful. You can trade Jumping Fish to them now and they will give you spongites.

9. Ride the back of a snapping turtle or two to a remote area guarded by several carpies. You'll want to try Strength Sap on the boss carpy. In this new area you'll find a little island with a Tikniki fisherman on it. Use a couple of spongites to get to him.

10. Give the fisherman a Jumping Fish. He'll give you his fishing rod, which is baited up for catching Mudskuttle. If you've paid attention to all your hints, you'll have learned that Harness Fish eat Mudskuttle (Harness Fish are those freaky things used by the Fish Riders for transportation).

11. Use the fishing rod here and you'll catch a Mudskuttle. Now your rod has a Mudskuttle attached as bait.

12. Jump on spongites and/or lily pads to get to a shore area where you'll meet Neenu and Dorian again. Neenu will give you a hint about the white rock.

13. Jump to the white rock and use the fishing rod. (If you don't yet have a Mudskuttle yet, you can catch one here too.) You'll catch a Harness Fish and you're off to Ogmire City.

Ogmire City and Dungeons

1. As soon as you arrive in half-submerged Ogmire City you meet the Fish Rider Dignitary. He tells you that Necroth's nasties have found the key that unlocks the ancient yellow prism and that soon they will possess the prism itself. So your main goals here are to find the key, then find the prism itself.

2. The outdoor section of this level has many secrets. You'll have to find all of the wall switches and stone buttons in order to unlock them. This will involve much exploring and fighting Yarrows. You'll need to take a big jump or two and to use the stone gargoyle heads as stepping stones.

3. Don't miss the red SKITTLES in the half-destroyed tower - this is used to create the Shadow Vision spell, which gives you the ability to see in the dark.

4. When you need to beat a red Boss Yarrow, remember that spells can be used in combination. Good advice throughout the game.

5. After you beat (or escape) the Boss Yarrow, flip the switches in that room. A hole opens in the floor; jump down into it. You'll find yourself in the Ogmire City Dungeons.

6. There are many carpies and Yarrows to contend with here (use all your magic and Rune Mines too). The goal of this section is to find the hidden treasure vault where the key is hidden. The simplest way to get there is to turn around 180 degrees when you first start the dungeon. Run through several doors till you get to a big room. To the left of the entrance is a door leading downstairs.

7. In the big downstairs room are several more Yarrows and a red Boss Yarrow. Note that the Boss Yarrow has the power to regenerate fallen blue Yarrows. You should defeat the boss ASAP and beat him while he is still in this room. If he gets out, he will regenerate fallen Yarrows throughout the dungeon. Strength Sap and/or Impede will help you beat him.

8. Get the key from the defeated Boss Yarrow and open the latticed door to a new area. Here you'll find a pair of switches and a pair of skeletal hands. You get a hint from Skye's journal that the combination for using the two switches is a "left-right-left thing." The skeletal hands give you the combo. Look at the left hand, then the right hand, then the left again (L2, R3, L5). Try this combo on the levers. Several items of treasure appear, including the White Key. A hole opens in the floor. Jump down.

9. Cast Shadow Vision to negotiate a long, dark tunnel. You'll come to a room with a rope hanging down. Use it. Skye keeps the rope as an inventory item.

10. Now you find yourself in a new outdoor area. You'll soon arrive at a large room filled with submerged platforms. The strategy here is simply to locate all the stone buttons, each of which raises one section of this big 3D puzzle. One of the buttons is on a stone "island" far away (4 spongites are needed to get there, 4 to get back). You'll have to rely on spongites alone to reach another button.

11. When all of the buttons have been found, you will be able to cross a series of platforms to the Prison Tower. Herein waits the Sky Pirate Captain whom you've read about in hints and heard about from Fish Riders.

12. Defeating the storm of carpies you encounter in the tower base is easier if you get them to follow you back outside, then peg them while standing on one of the platforms in the water.

13. Climb the tower to the top. You'll need to find a button in one of the lower rooms above floor level. This causes a wooden beam to fall in an upper level. Walk up the angled fallen beam to get to a series of upper rooms.

14. In one of these upper rooms is the Sky Pirate Captain. Unfortunately, there's also a Boss Yarrow. Try not to let him get out of the room, where he can regenerate fallen blue Yarrows. One easy way to defeat him is to enter the room, drop several Rune Mines quickly and run out again. Then go back in, get his key and unlock the door to the Sky Pirate.

15. The Skye Pirate Captain takes the White Key from you and holds it over a torch. The "sabre-bee wax" that it's made from melts and we discover that the yellow Prism has been hidden inside the key itself.

16. After you talk to the Pirate, you realize the door has shut behind you and you're locked in the cell room. Use the rope from your inventory near the window and you and the Sky Pirate can escape.

17. After escaping the Prison Tower, the Sky Pirate Captain tells you to go find his mates' sky camp near your home world of Lynlora. You locate a sacred circle and off you go.

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