Shaman is an original 3D action/adventure game that Boston Animation has begun developing. We are looking for a publishing partner with the vision to back a game with a stunningly new look and feel.

Shaman is set in the American southwest of centuries past. It features gorgeous wilderness graphics and sounds, Native flute and drum music and a Native-influenced color and design motif through and through.

Nature-based shamanic magic, rather than magic scrolls or high-tech gadgetry, will provide our doorway to expanded realities.

You play a young hunter who must become a full-fledged shaman almost overnight in order to combat a horrifying corruption of nature that has been unleashed on the land.

Game design will challenge the player to think and act like a shaman initiate and will draw its inspiration not from past computer games but directly from Native and Shamanic lore. Each action/puzzle sequence will focus on developing some new aspect of the shaman’s abilities, such as Intuition, Faith, Defeating the Demon of Distraction, Reading Nature’s Signs, Breaking the Bonds of Logic, and Opening the Heart to the Spirit Worlds. Game-play will immerse the player in living the lesson that the game character is trying to learn.

Shaman plays out across a host of stunningly beautiful locales that were regarded as sacred places by the Native people. A highly realistic art technique will render the characters and scenery in near photo-realistic clarity.

boston animation, Inc.